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What is clinical anxiety? And how does it differ from everyday anxiety?

We are delighted to welcome back to the show Karen Lowinger, who is a clinical psychologist from Panama. For fourteen years now, Karen has been working with teenagers and adults going through anxiety disorders, mood disorders and borderline personality disorder. She last spoke to us about high functioning mental health problems, which you can find at episode 5.

In today’s episode we will be taking a deep dive into the world of clinical anxiety. We’ll begin by discussing what anxiety is, and what the difference is between everyday and clinical anxiety. We’re going to dig into the detail of how we understand anxiety, with a little ancient philosophy thrown in for good measure. We’ll explore the phenomena of catastrophisation and the ‘panic attack’, and we’ll explore some of the ways to treat anxiety.

Will refers to an article about anxiety he’s written, which you can find here.
The lecture by Martin Rossman that is referred to in the conversation can be found here.

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