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In episode 2 of Lively Minds: the mental health podcast, Will and Ellie chat to therapist and fellow podcaster: Stuart Ralph about what is perhaps one of the most misunderstood of all mental health conditions: OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Often misrepresented in popular culture as a ‘personality quirk’, OCD is in fact a potentially debilitating illness in which the sufferer feels compelled to reduce the anxiety caused by ‘intrusive thoughts’ through a cycle of further thoughts or actions. However, such ‘compulsions’ only feed these intrusive thoughts (or ‘obsessions’) leading to a vicious cycle that is difficult to escape. Contrary to popular belief, most people with OCD are not obsessed with germs, and even ‘contamination OCD’ (which is nevertheless the single most common subtype) is often misrepresented in the media.

Stuart discusses his own experience of OCD, what OCD actually is, why there is so much misunderstanding about it, unhelpful portrayals of OCD on social media and on TV, and the types of therapies that can help people with OCD to get better.

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