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In this week’s episode of Lively Minds, we speak with Panama-based Pyschologist Karen Lowinger. Will came across Karen when he stumbled upon an article she wrote for online publication: the Mighty, called “When you are too functional to have your mental illness taken seriously”.

 You can find that article here

Karen begins by telling us about her efforts to raise awareness about High Functioning Mental Health problems. Then our conversation moves onto the question of whether or not labelling a mental health problem is helpful for people who are high functioning. Does it mean they, and those around them, will be more likely to give the issue the attention it deserves?

In this episode, we will be discussing aspects of mental distress including suicidal thoughts and, panic attacks.

If anything comes up that you need help with right away, you can find signposting to support on our website: If you are listening to us from Panama then help is available at Te escucho Panama on 831-7600

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