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Did you know that in the UK, anyone – no matter what their qualifications or experience – can set themselves up as a counsellor, a psychotherapist, or indeed use any job title except for a chosen few that are protected by law?

In this episode, we will be talking Phil Doré and Amanda Williamson about regulation – or rather, the lack of it – in mental health care in the UK.

Amanda Williamson is a Senior Accredited Counsellor and Coach working in private practice. Following her experience of abusive therapy as a trainee, she joined Phil Doré as part of Unsafe Spaces and campaigned for the regulation of counselling and psychotherapy.

Phil Dore is a mental health nurse who has spent most of his career in the NHS, which is where he currently works. He started the Unsafe Spaces blog and together with Amanda, Phil wrote the Unsafe Spaces report in 2016 (see link below)

Now you may be wondering why we are interviewing people who wrote a report that’s now 8 years old?

Well, the reason is because – as we’ll hear later – everything in that report remains equally as relevant, if not more so today.


Link to the Unsafe Spaces report

Link to the investigation by the Daily Express

Link to Professional Standard’s Authority’s ‘Share Your Experience’ form

General advice on choosing a therapist in the UK

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