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Hi everyone, just a quick podcast update today.

Ellie and I have decided to reduce the frequency of Lively Minds to once a month. The main reason for this change is that, as you know, we produce the show in our spare time, and maintaining a fortnightly release schedule has become challenging alongside our other commitments.
We aren’t going anywhere! The next episode of Lively Minds, focusing on AI and mental health, will be released on the first Friday of July. Following that, new episodes will be published on the first Friday of each month.

We also hope that moving to a monthly schedule will allow us to dedicate more time to each episode. Those of you who have ventured into podcasting understand the constant balancing act between regularly releasing episodes and ensuring the content is high-quality.

We have some exciting ideas for future episode formats, including something we’re calling “voice notes.” Ellie and I will exchange voice notes over several weeks or even months, gradually building a conversation around a specific topic. This approach, the idea for which came from the brilliant Podcraft podcast, allows each of us to respond thoughtfully and research before we reply.

I’m also eager to create episodes that blend previous interviews with new conversations to delve into specific themes. One idea is a show titled “The Figments of My Imagination Are Out to Get Me,” which will explore the evolutionary history of anxiety and why this essential human feeling can sometimes spiral out of control.

So, please keep listening, sharing, and telling others about the show. If you are able to, please donate to us at If you haven’t yet, please rate or review us on your podcast app—it really helps boost our visibility and motivates us to create new content.

Until July, bye for now.


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Lively Minds is an Anya Media //// Still Ill OK co-production

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