Planning your first podcast

Will (a bald white man) stands holding a boom and microphone over the top of three people who are in conversation. They are all in a cafe. On the left a young man is taking a photograph of the group. On the right another man watches the conversation in concentration.

Image: Will recording an interview for Scattered Picture’s BBC World Service documentary: Migrants Mean Business

Aimed at North East England's cultural & third sectors, this free event is about how to start or commission your own podcast show.

Date: Friday 5th July 2024
Time: 1pm – 2pm
Location: Google Meet


To take part in this session you must be:


  • Employed or
  • Self-employed or
  • A director (paid or unpaid) or trustee of a company or organisation

Hi! My name is Will Sadler and I’ve been working with North East England’s cultural and third sectors for over twenty years, in both film and audio production. You can view my podcast and radio portfolio by clicking here.

About the event

In this free 1-hour session, I’ll guide you through the essential non-technical aspects of podcasting that need to be considered before pressing the record button.

We’ll explore

  • What is a podcast?
  • The simplest question that podcasters find hardest to answer: what is the show about?
  • Deciding and reaching your audience.
  • Finding a format that fits.

This session is perfect for anyone looking to commission a podcast or start their own, focusing on the planning and strategic elements crucial for success.

Please note: this event will not cover the technical side of podcasting. Rather it covers the things you need to think about before you create or commission your own show.

Accessibility notes:- 

  • Live auto-captioning for Google Meet will be enabled.
  • There will be a 5 minute break halfway through the session.
  • There will be a mixture of group discussion, and possibly some activity in breakout rooms for smaller discussions (depending on time).
  • You will be invited to let me know about any other access requirements when you sign up.


About the host, Will Sadler:

After a background in film, I entered sound production in 2017, when I was commissioned to create a short podcast series called Atlantic Edge about Durness, the most north-westerly settlement on the Scottish mainland. Since 2018, I have worked alongside Kim Tserkezie of Scattered Pictures, Andy Jones of Radio Film and Kema Sikazwe to make radio documentaries and podcasts for the BBC World Service, including Migrants Mean Business, Funeral Punks, Finders Keepers and The Reclaimers. Our shows have received ‘pick of the week’ in The Times and The Observer and The Reclaimers was featured on BBC World Service’s Pick of the World.

I help organisations to create their own podcasts and have been working alongside Blue Cabin to create their monthly show The Creative Life Story Work Podcast since 2021. In 2023, I started co-hosting a show for the first time, releasing the first series of Lively Minds: the Mental Health Podcast in May 2023.

I am also co-founder and Development Director at Beacon Films: a production company that supports the talents of Disabled and Neurodivergent film-makers and exhibitors across the U.K.