Finders Keepers

A Scattered Pictures production for the BBC World Service | Presented by Kema Sikazwe | Produced by Andy Jones and Will Sadler | Executive Producer for the BBC: Penny Murphy

Calls for the return of objects, looted from around the world are growing ever louder.

Are age old culture wars really about to end? Finders Keepers introduces the cultural activists who are taking matters, and sometimes statues, into their own hands.

Actor and musician Kema Sikazwe is no historical expert. This young Zambian who now lives in northern England, hasn’t even set foot inside a museum since he was ten years old. All that changes when Kema learns about the movement to return stolen objects back to where they came from.

Should these priceless parts of history be returned? And if so, what’s at stake? From his home in Newcastle, to London, Paris and Amsterdam, Kema talks to curators, campaigners and commentators at the heart of this cultural conflict.

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