Listen to a showreel of podcast & radio work

Podcast series about the people and places of Durness, Scotland’s most north westerly community.

Will Sadler: Recordist, Producer & Editor

A Scattered Pictures production for the BBC World Service, produced by Andy Jones and presented by Kim Tserkezie.

Will Sadler: Recordist & Editor

I am a radio recordist, and available for hire.

I record on a Zoom F8, which is an industry-standard 8-track field recorder. My ‘workhorse’ mic is an Audio Technica BP4025, a large diaphragm ENG microphone with excellent frequency response (used frequently in radio broadcast). I also have a Sennheiser ME66 shotgun microphone and Sanken 11D tie mics.

Sound-recording for ‘Migrants Mean Business’, a Scattered Pictures production for BBC World Service

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